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Fat girl living in a skinny world

Let’s get the ball rolling… June 21, 2008

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Finally!  Everything from Xanga that fits the theme of this blog has been transferred here. Now I can get down to the business of creating an interesting blog that will hopefully stir up discussion.

To start with, here’s an observation I made yesterday. We were at a picnic with our small group from church. My husband and another girl had birthdays within days of each other (my husband’s is today), so the small group leader brought a pint of Haagen-Dazs chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for the birthday girl. Except he forgot about my husband’s birthday, so they had to share the ice cream. My husband took out a chunk and passed the container to the girl. I had a taste of his ice cream (can you believe it was my first time eating Haagen-Dazs?!) and declined any more, thinking I’d eat what the girl didn’t finish.

She polished off the whole thing! I couldn’t believe it. Most of my experiences with other people have been that they will not eat a pint of ice cream (even with some removed initially). Plus, this girl is fairly thin. I think it’s awesome that she ate the whole thing without worrying about gaining weight, ruining her diet, etc. She ENJOYED the treat, which I’m sure made the giver happy, too.

There were four couples at the picnic. No one complained about weight – gains or losses, calorie contents, diets, or anything like that. They were too busy keeping an eye on their children and taking advantage of being with other adults. It was such a contrast to being with my family. It seems like every time there’s a family gathering, someone’s complaining about their appearance, weight, diet. It makes me feel uncomfortable, and I feel sad for them that they can’t accept who they are.


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