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Weight: The final frontier June 23, 2008

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The Fat Identity. How fat is different.

“I will say that fat hate is one of the last forms of prejudice in which even most people who are subjected to it think they are getting exactly what they deserve.”

That’s one of Meowser’s great summations that rattles around in your head for a while, planting its seeds.

Weight is one of the last frontiers of discrimination/prejudice because it is something we can change. Religion is a fundamental part of our moral and ethical system, as well as our psyche. For most people, it is something we can’t imagine changing. Gender/sex can be altered by surgery and hormones, but not at the genetic level. Likewise, national origin and race cannot be changed – unless you’re Michael Jackson, and even then it’s doubtful. Age, of course, cannot be stopped.

So what’s left? Weight. It is something we are told from little on up that we can change. The media say it. Our families say it. Our doctors say it. Thus it must be true. And since all of those well-respected people (hah!) say we can change our weight, and we fail to do so, then we must be failures.

However, as fatfu points out in her article, the media, our families, and our medical professionals fail to fully inform us about the true results of dieting. Changing your lifestyle to minimize “junk food” and increase consumption of fruits and vegetables is commendable, and I recommend it. Dieting, though, just to get rid of “extra” pounds is pointless. No dieter I’ve ever met has had a comprehensive plan of how they will maintain their weight once they reach their target. Really, diets should come with full disclosure statements, just like surgeries or signing up to use some Web sites or computer programs. I’ll post one later.


2 Responses to “Weight: The final frontier”

  1. Daz Says:

    I couldn’t agree more – what’s the point of dieting only to pile it all back on again, because you don’t have a plan for what happens next! Good points well made.


  2. Becca Says:

    I think that we all have to be accepted for who we are. I truly believe that God if that is who you believe in, didn’t make any mistakes in any of us. We are all who we are supposed to be. I may be fat, but that doesn’t make me any more worthy than anyone else.

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