Diary of a Fat Chick

Fat girl living in a skinny world

August 24, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Rhonwyyn @ 5:01 pm

First, the good news. At 5’10” and size 12 (UK, I’m guessing), Leah Stone was told she was too fat to model. Now, however, she will compete for the title of Miss England after beating out 200 other girls to win Miss London.

Then there’s the heartbreaking news. Make sure your cup is full and running over with Sanity Watchers points as you’ll need them. Allegedly, a 1,000-pound woman killed her 2-year-old nephew. The challenge now is how to get the housebound 27-year-old to appear in court. The comments on the Xanga blog are cruel, insensitive, judgmental, reeking of privilege, etc. If you go to the link to the actually news story, there are about 9 more stories at the bottom of the page related to obesity. They definitely teach fat-hate.

Every time you think something’s improving, the world takes another huge step back.


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