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Casting Stones June 25, 2008

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I went through my clothing a month or two ago and weeded out everything I can’t fit into right now. Since I didn’t have a big enough box, the two large piles of jeans, capris, sweaters, and tops are sitting on my dresser. My dresses are in the closet, or the piles would be even bigger. Now that we’re moving, I want to get rid of the clothing so I don’t have to move it with us.

Thus, I posted an ad on Craigslist inviting girls who want to buy the clothing to give me a call. A woman – I’ll call her Susan – and I played phone tag for a while before we finally connected. During our conversation, Susan revealed that she has been going to Curves with her friends, and she has already dropped two sizes. She sounded so happy. I think I was happy for her. But I don’t know.

The word on the Fatosphere is that weight loss efforts like that are typically short-lived. How will Susan, now so happy, feel if she gains back any of the weight she has lost?

I also have to ask, am I questioning her happiness because I feel like she’s naive or because I want to be a killjoy? There’s plenty of commentary on the Fatosphere decrying weight loss from a negative attitude toward one’s body. That’s a good thing. But then, what about the women – and men – who try to put a positive spin on losing weight? Is there room in FA to applaud those who lose weight, who don’t buy into the “I’m fine the way I am, so deal with it” mentality?

I haven’t talked with Susan in depth, so I don’t know her story, but I wonder what her motivation is to join Curves. She sounded like a happy, emotionally healthy woman on the phone, so perhaps she was attempting to be healthy, as defined by Body Positive, by “getting active” and the weight loss was just a side effect. But could it be more insidious than that? And really, who am I to judge?

I think judgment that stems out of our concern for an individual’s mental or physical health can be appropriate, but how do you tell when it’s warranted and when you’re just overreacting. I have to do more reading to see if this has been previously discussed, so please feel free to weigh in with your thoughts or any helpful links.