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Fat boutique? June 21, 2008

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Thursday, June 19

My counselor commented today that I talk a lot more about fashion than I ever did before. I told her it’s because I’ve accepted my size, that I’m fat, and that it’s not my body’s fault that I can’t wear all the cute stuff I try on. I told her that my sister and I would love to start our own company exclusively for fat chicks. None of this frumpy, out of date stuff offered to extended plus-sizes at Catherine’s or the really young – as in oodles of sequins, tacky embroidery, and cartoon characters – stocked at Fashion Bug. We want to create fashion-forward, trendy, inexpensive clothing that ACTUALLY FITS women with large bodies and “imperfect” figures.

I also want to sell shoes that are cute, stylish, supportive of fat women’s weight, and fit fat feet of all shapes and sizes.  I spent hours looking for shoes like that online after visiting several brick-and-mortar stores, and could not find any. What to do?

We’re going to open our own clothing boutique at some point, we hope. We’ll design and manufacturer the clothing and shoes ourselves. The only caveat is that I need to learn to sew. I’ve made a few forays in that direction, but there’s a lot more I need to learn about using a sewing machine and a serger! I’ll also need to learn how to make shoes, but I figure I’ll start here.

I’d also like to carry hard-to-find items for ladies who are off the standard charts, like bras in sizes beyond 46DDD, such as those sold by Decent Exposures. It would also be great to provide samples for women to try on before they order from an online store. They could try on a garment to see if they like the fit and style, then order it in the right size and color. It would take out some of the hassle of ordering sight unseen.

Do you think I’m crazy? Would you shop at a store like that? What kinds of things do you wish you could see in a fat chick store but never have?

Oh, and the benches in the dressing room would be deeper than 10 inches!


Shoe shopping June 20, 2008

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Well, since this is, after all, the diary of a fat girl, let me share some of my shopping experiences this week.

I’m currently shopping for shoes. Slip-on sandals, to be exact. I have two pairs from Zappos in my bedroom and another one on the way. My feet are shaped rather oddly (very wide), so it’s hard to find shoes that fit. For some reason, even if the toe/arch/instep is wide enough, the heels are usually too narrow, which looks odd and doesn’t always feel good either.

My last pair of good shoes are Naturalizers that I found on Zappos but was able to purchase from a store here at home. No such luck this time. I went to zappos, found shoes I liked, then called the store to find out if they had the shoes. Not the exact same styles, but lots of double-wide shoes, said the woman who answered the phone. So I went to the store. No shoes in my size to be seen. I went home and ordered from Zappos.

The 9.5WW(E) LifeStrides shoe came first. They are very pretty, but I’m not sure that they’re quite wide enough. Still, they’re leather, so they will stretch out over time, right? I ordered a 10WW(E) in the same style to test the fit, but while the leather band fits super-well (almost loose), the shoe bed seems too big.

Back to Zappos. I found another shoe in a different brand that looks like it has a wider heel. I ordered it in a 9.5WW(E) and am waiting for it to arrive.

I wish I could find cute sandals in a 9.5EE, but they seem to exist nowhere in this universe.

Tonight, I went to (horror of horrors) Wal-Mart to pick up a box of feminine *stuff*.  On a whim, I cut through the women’s clothing section, where I was pleasently surprised. Wal-Mart carries an extended range of plus-size clothing, up to a 32. I picked up two short-sleeved shirts for $8.88 apiece. They’re patterned and brightly colored, which hopefully won’t show stains as much as solid shirts. The fit of the shirts isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty darn close, especially for the price.

Oh, and I also ordered a bra from Decent Exposures a few days ago. I feel bad making two big purchases this month (the LifeStrides at $51 are cheaper than the third pair and the bra), but my shoes and bras are so decrepit, it had to be done.

For which do you prefer to shop: bras or shoes?